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I am writing to you to express our complete satisfaction with the alarm installation that your engineer carried out for us here last Friday.

Our particular installation requirements presented your engineer with several tricky problems, but he dealt effectively with each of them and found satisfactory solutions. He was friendly and willing and a very hard worker, as were some of his colleagues that came along to help for some parts of the day.

We were very impressed to see that on completion of the job all of the alarm cabling was completely hidden from casual view and that your engineer had replaced all floorboards, carpets, trims and items of furniture such that no evidence of any installation work remained. He had then cleared all rubbish away and vacuumed up what little brick dust had been produced by drilling.

No doubt you will say that you expect nothing less from one of your staff, but as a customer regularly contacting a number of different organisations, I can assure you that it was a pleasant change dealing with your engineer, since so often I encounter trades people who have a serious ‘don’t care’ attitude, and consider any request to be a nuisance.

As the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for this local area of around 100 houses, I will now be happy to recommend SPE to anyone wishing to find an alarm company.