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Protect Your Home As City Of London Tops Highest Total Crime

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We wanted to put in writing how delighted we have been from start to finish with the way your company has dealt with fitting our property with a new security alarm system. Cliff and Ruth Elms

The City of London and Westminster has become the highest total crime by constituency in May 2016, recorded by Topping the data at 4,524 total crimes in just one month, the area fell victim to almost a thousand more crimes than its closest rival, Manchester Central.

Clearly there’s a problem, so what can you do to protect yourself if you live in or near this crime ridden constituency?

Monitored Alarm Systems – To Protect Your Home

With crime such a common occurrence, a monitored alarm system is your first step for reliable home security.

The benefits a monitored alarm system has include:

  • Specialists keeping 24/7 watch over your property
  • Back-up when you need it most

If somebody breaks into your home, our monitored alarm systems enable us to talk to the intruder, letting them know we’ve detected their intrusion and are contacting the police.

If you were a burglar in this situation, would you stick around?

Of course, monitored alarm systems play their part in a total security package for your home but they aren’t a one stop shop. From CCTV to access control systems, the security measures you can implement to protect your home are numerous.

Bespoke Security Solutions For London Properties

To minimise the risk of a burglary, and the impact it could have on your family, we offer free home surveys where our engineers will design tailored security solutions that meet your specific needs. To protect your home and book a free survey, followed by a no obligation quote, just fill in the form below:

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