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Chris Dawson is a fantastic engineer and a real credit to the company. He was able to fix the fault we had on our sensors that no one else could fix as well as thoroughly checking over the system. Mrs Driscoll, Kemsing

CCTV camera systems offer efficient and effective security and reassurance for domestic and commercial properties. A well installed system offers entry control, deterrent, crime detection and intruder verification. It is essential you use a reputable and experienced company to design and install the high performance CCTV system that is ideal for whatever your situation demands. All our systems can be set up for remote viewing via a tablet computer or smart phone.

From our base in Orpington, Kent, SPE specialise in the design, specification and installation of complicated systems within integrated applications as well as simple domestic cameras. We’ve provided security and reassurance for:

  • Homes
  • Banks and building societies
  • Financial institutions
  • Schools and colleges
  • Theatres and sporting venues

Things to consider when choosing CCTV systems

Internal and or external cameras

Your situation may simply require a fixed camera overlooking your doorstep

Fixed, varifocal and PTZ cameras

Fixed and varifocal lenses are restricted to pre-selected views while PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) allow operators to follow suspicious individuals as an incident unfolds.

Images can be viewed by a single monitor or distributed to several monitoring locations. Cameras can be pre-set to tour a premises or sequential switching can be defined and built in. Other CCTV cameras can detect movement, zoom in on the suspicious activity, and follow the suspect – this is an auto tracking Pan Tilt and Zoom camera.

HD CCTV or Analogue cameras

Grainy old analogue cameras have advanced but HD CCTV systems offer remarkably better image quality in colour. This means identification of hair colour and a suspect’s clothing is much improved. Zooming in on features or close-ups of number plates makes the HD option ideal for monitoring car parks.

Another advantage HD has over analogue is the area covered. For a 1 mega pixel camera, this is four times that of a standard analogue equivalent.

An existing analogue system can be upgraded gradually by replacing the recording and storage equipment first before replacing the cameras at a later date.

Remote CCTV Monitoring

To guarantee a fast response to any unwanted activities we offer 24hr remote CCTV monitoring via our NSI Gold approved monitoring station. The system can include loud speakers so if an operator in the monitoring station spots some suspicious activity they can confront the intruder verbally before warning that the Police have been called and are on their way. Click here to find out more about monitored security systems.

There are numerous options to fit all requirements and budgets. Fill out the form below to ask any questions or to arrange a free site survey and one of our SPE experts will help you select the CCTV system perfect for your situation.

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